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Surin Elephan Village

In the northeast of Thailand you can find this village. The world largest elephant village. Elephant study center situted at Ban Taklang Sub District. Ta Toom district, Surin Province. Downtown to the north 58 kilometers from the city. Locals are Kui or Kuay, the origen of elephant controlling to train for helping as a familiy member.

Attractiveness is the unique of culture and locals living. Both people and elephant rely on each other for century.
You can enjoy this place since 10 am to 4:30 pm, only for 100 THB for person.

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Hutsadin Foundation – Hua Hin

Hutsadin Foundation

Hutsadin Foundation – Hua Hin. Upon my arrival in Hua Hin, south of Bangkok, I came across this wonderful Foundation. Here you can meet 5 elephants that are rescued from the mistreatment they have had in some parts of Thailand. The tour consists of a value of 800 THB and with this you can visit the center where they live with one of the elephants, in addition to feeding them, giving them a shower and obviously being able to touch them and take photos and videos.

Small elephant

A unique experience if you are in Hua Hin, here you make sure that the elephants are treated well, since they are not exploited or commercialized as in other places. The location is at Prachuab Khiri Khan 77110.

If you like volunteer work, I suggest you contact them by writing to i understand that they only accept up to a maximum of six people, and they offer training that They will teach how to clean their lodgings, bathe them, prepare food and walk with the elephants.

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Wat Pho – Temple Thailand

First stop in Bangkok was at the temple of the Reclining Buddha Wat Pho. My first impression was to see these constructions with so many colors, white, red, blue, yellow and their characteristic tips in each building or house named Chxfa Biraka.

Reclining Buddha

From what I managed to understand the guide was the following: “In this temple you will find Buddha in different forms, although for me the most striking is to see the Buddha lying covered in gold. Telling him that this figure is 15 meters high and 46 meters long, is without a doubt impressive. Travelers from all over the world come to see this wonder, within the particularities there is a significant number that you will find, this is 108, which means 108 positive actions to reach perfection”.

Before entering a temple I must point out that you must enter being careful, take off your shoes, do not make noise, cover yourself with clothes, hopefully not show tattoos and a naked torso, in this temple there is no problem for you to take pictures, if you must. be discreet out of respect for the culture.

To close this tour, I visited three temples Wat Arun, Emerald Buddha in the Royal Palace, and Wat Pho; I found machines to recharge water, this is super important, the heat makes you easily dehydrated, although they give you a bottle it is necessary that you travel with one in your backpack. Tickets are around 500 THB.

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Airbnb – Cercado de Lima.

My first experience in an Airbnb was quite pleasant. On my trip to Peru in February 2020 I was staying in hostels or backpackers, having a good opinion of this type of accommodation. Now I will tell you how it was to be staying in this type of accommodation.

Patricia, who is the hostess of an apartment in the Lima enclosure, located in Antolin Zela 516 de la Victoria, near San Isidro and in front of Av Campodonico, treated me very well. Upon arriving at the apartment he showed me the place and the room I had acquired. This apartment is very well equipped, has everything a traveler needs to cook and wash clothes, with internet connection and TV.

It is located three blocks from the Santa Catalina shopping center, which has a variety of restaurants, movies, shops and pharmacies.

Only 10 minutes from the historic center by taxi, who mobilizes you for a sum of 12 soles, you can get to the city center to know its wonders, in the same direction you will find the magical water circuit.

While the neighborhood is not as well known as Miraflores or San Isidro, it is worth paying for this apartment since its hostess is very nice and always aware of what you might need.

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Larco Museum – Lima

Larco Museum Rafael Larco Hoyle, founded the museum in 1926 at the age of 26. With the help of his father he managed to acquire several archaeological collections from the northern Cossack of Peru, gathering approximately 45,000 pieces (when ordering the pieces for the museum, he understood that many of them could not be related to the cultures discovered until then).

Before the insufficiency of the archaeological information of the 20s, it investigates and scientifically excavates archaeological sites of the northern thing; This research leads him to discover cultures such as: Cupisnique, Salinar, Virú, Lambayeque. Larco, becomes the great researcher of the Mochica culture.

The societies of ancient Peru, like other civilizing cradles, were agricultural societies that had a fundamental concern for understanding the cycles of nature. Due to the intimate and dynamic relationship that the ancient Peruvians had with their natural environment, they believed in the existence of a world above, heavenly, inhabited by the sun, the stars and the gods, where the rain falls for cultivation: and a world below, the pachamama or mother earth, dark, damp, where plants grow and is inhabited by the dead.

The tinkuy or encounter between opposite, but complementary, worlds occurs in this underworld where human beings live.

Through 12 masterpieces, you can explore more than 5000 years of history of ancient Peru.

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Circuito mágico del agua and Callao, Lima.

Visiting the city of Lima, you find important attractions, today I want to present two tourist places that you will enjoy, the first one is The Magic Water Circuit.

Located in the Reserve Park, it is named in honor of the reserve troops that were in the Pacific War. This park began to be built at the end of 1926 and was completed in 1929.

I suggest you arrive near 18:00 hrs. There are tourist guides that tell you about the history of the park, as was the construction of each of the pools.

They direct you in a group and you appreciate each one of the sectors. Also in the park you will find food stands, to accompany the raid. The show schedule, in the main pool is at 7:15 p.m., where you will know through visuals the most characteristic of Peru.

The entrance to the park has a cost of 4 soles.

Callao Monumental

Arriving at Callao Monumental you will find the colonial-style houses painted with graffiti that give life to this commune.

Talking about Callao, it reminds me of the colorful hills of Valparaíso in Chile, its ornate streets and picturesque restaurants.

I highlight its exhibition halls where you can enjoy collective photography, paintings and installations. The Pasaje Rola building, you will find different staging of prominent local and international artists. On five floors you will appreciate various art manifestations.

This is free and I recommend it if you are in the city of Lima in Peru.

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Guayaquil – Museum of popular music

Walking through the Puerto Santa Ana de Guayaquil is located a building that contains three important museums, these are: The popular music museum, The national brewery and The Barcelona and Emelec football teams.

In my previous research, I wanted to know the Museum of Popular Music, I found an address known as Shipyard, Numa Pompilio, Peñas sector.

Upon arrival I find the name Julio Jaramillo, this popular porteño singer from Guayaquil, dedicated to Bolero, Hall and Waltz.

To contextualize, this museum is dedicated to honoring the glories of Guaysense musical art, through compositions, authors and performers to whom the collective memory kept fidelity; as well as the management of promoters and promoters that from Guayaquil projected them to the international sphere. It also includes some national artists who made this city their permanent residence.

Admission to the museum is free, here you will learn a lot about the city’s musical activity.

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Guayaquil – Ecuador

To speak of Guayaquil is to refer to its classical, baroque and modern architecture. The buildings in its historic center let you travel back in time, it is appreciated to see the well-maintained heritage of the city.

I emphasize how they maintain Los Colonos Park on Santa Ana hill, if they know a little history they will have found out that it is here where Guayaquil was born in the 16th century.

Among its tourist attractions I mention the Malecon who is located next to the Guayas river, with 2.5 kms away, here you can visit parks, monuments, artificial lagoons, such as the city sign icon, you will find shopping centers, restaurants, craft stalls among others.

Another of the things you should do while in the city is to take a city tour. Here with 8 dollars they show you an important part of its historic center, the mosaic murals, the statues and their meanings, the modernity in transport and commercial stores are highlighted.

If you want to go safely, I recommend that you take this tour, leave from the iguanas square, characteristic place of Guayaquil (Seminary Park). According to scientists, iguanas were established since the time of the colony in the city.


In conclusion, this first impression of Guayaquil, is a beautiful city, well maintained, is more expensive than the common one of the Latin American countries, since the country is dollarized, the food is cheap, you can eat from 2 dollars to whatever you want Spend and transport, well I have only walked in a taxi, and for 4 dollars I have moved from end to end, I do not find it expensive since the distances are enormous, remember that this city has more than one million inhabitants.

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Volunteers and travelers

Palo Santo Backpackers – Máncora Perú

Arriving at each hostel is a new experience, the first thing I find is young people working. When you ask, are you volunteering? The answer is always yes. This time I met very simple and friendly people from Argentina who are traveling and working. In them I highlight Augusto, Aldana and Patricio with whom I had affinity from the beginning. Their jobs are in shifts and generally take turns at the bar and breakfast.

These types of jobs in opportunities have all the comforts, where they are given food and accommodation, with the possibility of using the kitchen to prepare their food or other things. But there are also places like here in Palo Santo that only offers you accommodation, you must pay for the food and you cannot occupy the kitchen. This is certainly a disadvantage for those who volunteer.


Some travelers with whom I established friendship.

Here I point to Oliver (a German who was studying in Argentina and who is touring Peru) and Samuel (a Canadian who currently lives in Germany and is traveling for months, he has already traveled great part of the world)

Chilenas, there is always a Chilean when you travel, here I felt very happy to meet a group of Chileans traveling together, they are Elena, Mariela and Constanza.

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I will highlight the city of Máncora as a tourist place to party and go to the beach. With only one Long Street (Piura) full of shops and craft fairs, the tenants invite you to try their food stalls and take one or another souvenir.

Tuc Tuc – 2 Soles

Many travelers come to the north of Peru to try their beaches and gastronomy, here I indicate that you can have lunch for 8 soles (all the dishes come with entrance), now according to the tastes of the people, you also find varied food and that is the interesting thing, since It’s not only Peruvian food that you can eat.

Inside the attractions of the city, you can find the Iguanas reserve, here you can see them but not touch them. Many tourists take pictures at the sign of Máncora and its beaches are quite calm, where you can surf, ride a jet ski among other attractions.

In their accommodations, they have a wide variety of hostels, among which I highlight the Loki, who is famous as a hostel and Palo Santo is in front and is where I am staying. I emphasize that they mostly have a pool for the recreation of people, I recommend using a lot of sunscreen, since the sun is too strong.

Beach Máncora

Another of the tourist attractions in the area are the tours to the Mangroves and swimming with turtles, this has an approximate cost of 60 soles.

Palo Santo – Backpackers / 30 soles
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