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Guayaquil – Ecuador

To speak of Guayaquil is to refer to its classical, baroque and modern architecture. The buildings in its historic center let you travel back in time, it is appreciated to see the well-maintained heritage of the city.

I emphasize how they maintain Los Colonos Park on Santa Ana hill, if they know a little history they will have found out that it is here where Guayaquil was born in the 16th century.

Among its tourist attractions I mention the Malecon who is located next to the Guayas river, with 2.5 kms away, here you can visit parks, monuments, artificial lagoons, such as the city sign icon, you will find shopping centers, restaurants, craft stalls among others.

Another of the things you should do while in the city is to take a city tour. Here with 8 dollars they show you an important part of its historic center, the mosaic murals, the statues and their meanings, the modernity in transport and commercial stores are highlighted.

If you want to go safely, I recommend that you take this tour, leave from the iguanas square, characteristic place of Guayaquil (Seminary Park). According to scientists, iguanas were established since the time of the colony in the city.


In conclusion, this first impression of Guayaquil, is a beautiful city, well maintained, is more expensive than the common one of the Latin American countries, since the country is dollarized, the food is cheap, you can eat from 2 dollars to whatever you want Spend and transport, well I have only walked in a taxi, and for 4 dollars I have moved from end to end, I do not find it expensive since the distances are enormous, remember that this city has more than one million inhabitants.

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