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Guayaquil – Museum of popular music

Walking through the Puerto Santa Ana de Guayaquil is located a building that contains three important museums, these are: The popular music museum, The national brewery and The Barcelona and Emelec football teams.

In my previous research, I wanted to know the Museum of Popular Music, I found an address known as Shipyard, Numa Pompilio, Peñas sector.

Upon arrival I find the name Julio Jaramillo, this popular porteño singer from Guayaquil, dedicated to Bolero, Hall and Waltz.

To contextualize, this museum is dedicated to honoring the glories of Guaysense musical art, through compositions, authors and performers to whom the collective memory kept fidelity; as well as the management of promoters and promoters that from Guayaquil projected them to the international sphere. It also includes some national artists who made this city their permanent residence.

Admission to the museum is free, here you will learn a lot about the city’s musical activity.

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