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Circuito mágico del agua and Callao, Lima.

Visiting the city of Lima, you find important attractions, today I want to present two tourist places that you will enjoy, the first one is The Magic Water Circuit.

Located in the Reserve Park, it is named in honor of the reserve troops that were in the Pacific War. This park began to be built at the end of 1926 and was completed in 1929.

I suggest you arrive near 18:00 hrs. There are tourist guides that tell you about the history of the park, as was the construction of each of the pools.

They direct you in a group and you appreciate each one of the sectors. Also in the park you will find food stands, to accompany the raid. The show schedule, in the main pool is at 7:15 p.m., where you will know through visuals the most characteristic of Peru.

The entrance to the park has a cost of 4 soles.

Callao Monumental

Arriving at Callao Monumental you will find the colonial-style houses painted with graffiti that give life to this commune.

Talking about Callao, it reminds me of the colorful hills of Valparaíso in Chile, its ornate streets and picturesque restaurants.

I highlight its exhibition halls where you can enjoy collective photography, paintings and installations. The Pasaje Rola building, you will find different staging of prominent local and international artists. On five floors you will appreciate various art manifestations.

This is free and I recommend it if you are in the city of Lima in Peru.

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