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Hutsadin Foundation – Hua Hin

Hutsadin Foundation

Hutsadin Foundation – Hua Hin. Upon my arrival in Hua Hin, south of Bangkok, I came across this wonderful Foundation. Here you can meet 5 elephants that are rescued from the mistreatment they have had in some parts of Thailand. The tour consists of a value of 800 THB and with this you can visit the center where they live with one of the elephants, in addition to feeding them, giving them a shower and obviously being able to touch them and take photos and videos.

Small elephant

A unique experience if you are in Hua Hin, here you make sure that the elephants are treated well, since they are not exploited or commercialized as in other places. The location is at Prachuab Khiri Khan 77110.

If you like volunteer work, I suggest you contact them by writing to i understand that they only accept up to a maximum of six people, and they offer training that They will teach how to clean their lodgings, bathe them, prepare food and walk with the elephants.

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